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STAB Admission:

Name: Elizabeth Brunner

Age: 23

Height: 6ft

Hometown: Oreburge City, Sinnoh

Personality: She's very adventurous and ALWAYS has a crazy spark of life and energy in her eyes. Elizabeth is never harsh or mean, but in not shy when it comes to telling the honest truth, she is in reality, quite kind and caring. Yet, she just CANT turn around the golden opportunity to down a couple shots of scotch and act totally INSANE AT THE MOST UNNESSISARY TIMES! She is IN FACT a party teacher. Miss Brunner also was once a LAZER school teacher, making her tough AND fun.

History: To me, history always fascinated me. I always had an itch to know where something came from, how it was made, and were it had been.  Being a child, I would be constantly dirty and muddy from picking through the dirt and collecting rocks with shapes in them that seemed unusual compared to the normal stones. At this age, I caught my first Pokémon, a baby Rhyhorn whom I first started to explore with. Living in Oreburge, I had a full supply of historical artifacts found underground and in caverns. Ceramic pots from 1000 years ago, fossils of pre-historic Pokémon, golden idols worshiped in ancient civilizations, all of which I wanted to find for my self. My family was poor growing up, so I involved myself in many hours of work to make money. Not that I'm complaining, that work taught me a whole bunch of street smarts and daily skills.
During High school, I spent my time devouring ancient history books in the library and drooling over the myths and legends they beheld, as well as partying and taking many curses of martial arts and rock climbing. I Read of a pirates lost fortune buried under a million or more gallons of salt water, or perhaps an explorers hidden city of pure gold, still lost today. On the weekends, I would take hikes into Mount Coronet and observe the stones. Once when I was up hiking, Tierra [Rhyhorn] and I met two extremely rare Pokémon, a yellow charmander with barely any life left, and a blue and grey PAINTED ponyta. That was, I SWEAR the luckiest day of my life, meeting TWO shiny Pokémon in the same area. Years Pass and I am a very accomplished archeologist teacher as well as on the field worker, and employed currently at the Hearthome University in Sinnoh, but I still travel worldwide and compete in tournaments to build my team's strength.
>>My family was very wide spread. My mother is purely Latin (Monique Rodriguez) and my father is a mix of a bunch of things, and my cousin on my fathers side is Maddy Olson who is in the IPL and i accompaning me to the island. My first language was spanish, but i dont have an accent. ;]


Name: Diosa de Tierra (Tierra)
Species: Rhyperior
Sex: Female
Ability: LightningRod and Solid Rock
Nature: Brave
Hold Item: Protector
Battle Strategy: Uses both physical and special moves, but acts sparingly on defense. Although her power levels are astounding, her defense is EXTREMELY high.
Moves: Earthquake, Ancient Power, Dig, Hyper Beam, and Rock Wrecker
Other Info: Elizabeth's first Pokémon found as Rhyhorn and is extremely loyal.

Pokémon #2:
Name: Henry Jones {Indiana}
Species: Geodude
Sex: Male
Ability: Rockhead and Sturdy
Nature: Bold
Held Item: Ever Stone
Battle strategy: Indiana is very manipulative and smart when it comes to using his moves. He uses weaker moves to test the durability and reaction time of the opponent and then releases a fury of attacks that easily KO the other Pokémon.
Moves: siesmic toss, Rock slide, Magnitude, Rollout, Earthpower
Other Info: Due to respect and the happiness of Indiana, Elizabeth gave him the choice of evolving into a Graveler or staying a Geodude, which he chose happily.

Pokémon #3:
Name: Loca
Species: Shiny Rapidash
Sex: Female
Ability:  Flash fire and Run Away
Nature: Jolly
Held Item: Poke Doll
Battle strategy: Loca is all about speed and power and has a weak aim. She Hurries to the point were she can't be seen in the same place twice, and when she attacks, they are tremendous in damage…if they hit.
Moves: Flare Blitz, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Agility, bounce
Other Info: She is supposedly the offspring of a purely shiny Rapidash stallion and a standard Rapidash Dam, giving her strange coloring of yellow with splotched of blue-grey and blue fire.

Pokémon #4
Name: Lusa
Species: Shiny Charizard
Sex: Female
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Gentle
Held Item: Quick claw
Battle Strategy: Using her quick claw, Lusa soars HIGH into the sky, and crashes down upon the opponent while using her flamethrower as a protective barrier and a powerful assist.
Moves: Fly, Flamethrower, hyper beam, and dragon pulse, fire blast
Other info: Lusa was found the same day as Loca and has formed an unbreakable friendship with her trainer as well as her Rapidash companion.

Pokémon #5
Name: Maurice
Species: Shieldon
Sex: Male
Ability: Sturdy and Soundproof
Nature: Rash
Battle Strategy: Maurice is in fact a PLAYER. He uses attract on the opposite sex challengers and instantly infatuates them, and pummels them down with his skull bash.
Moves: Iron Head, Metal Sound, Attract, Earthquake, Flash Cannon
Other Info: He was added to the team when Elizabeth went excavating for her first time in Mount Coronet and she brought home a fossil to be rejuvenated by the local museum.

Pokémon #6
Name: Lady Grizz {lady}
Species: Ursaring
Sex: Female
Ability: Guts and Quick feet
Nature: Naive
Held Item: Razor Claw
Battle Strategy: Lady isn't the brightest of the bunch so she relies on her trainer's trust and sudden emotions to act:
Moves: Slash, Hammer Arm, Shadow Claw, Earthquake, Focus Punch
Other info: Although very sweet and fun, she is very oblivious to her surroundings and not very bright.

Pokémon #7 (Reserve Pokémon)
Name: Jeronimo
Species: Ivysaur
Sex: Male
Ability: Overgrow
Held Item: Amulet Coin
Battle Strategy: Jeronimo is VERY tricky and conniving for an Ivysaur. He relies on his magical leaf and frenzy plant to win, but he also holds down his opponents with his vine whip.
Moves: Vine whip, SOLAR BEAM, magical leaf, double edge, synthesis
Other info: Due to his age as well as Maurice [although Maurice is better behaved] Jeronimo tends to wander off and get in trouble, so Elizabeth put a tracking anklet on his hind foot for location.

the bad thing is that i have to make a COMIC....A LONG COMIC....

NURRRRR :iconcryforeverplz:

for the :iconstaboct:

oh and on the picture, Jeronimo should be blue and Tierra should be pink... the words anyways

tha comicccccs: [link]

2nd STAB character, YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHO: [link]
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